Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to create a Duct-Tape Monster

What you will need:
1 roll of duct tape any pattern or color will do.
2 eye-patches
1 willing human being 
1 nice quiet location.

My location of choice was Wal-Mart. O:)  I suggest more than one person to help apply the duct tape or it might be a pretty long process to monsterizing your human being with duct tape.

First you will need to put the eye-patches onto the willing human beings face, and then apply moderate lengths of duct-tape to the areas of which you want to be monsterized. 

                                We decided to just do the face, neck, ears and right hand and partially the left.

And do not forget to reward your willing human being with a nice doughnut!

 For the removal of the duct-tape we went with the ripping off approach, but with people with sensitive skin
I suggest vasaline and patience.

-Trinity Lo'ren

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