Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Have you ever experienced the time as a child where you were so upset that you packed all of your favorite belongings into your backpack and started walking towards the end of your drive way after forwardly telling everyone you were never coming back and they would never see you again, just to see if some one would stop you?I do not know about you; But that feeling never really been fulfilled when it comes to me. People always ask me why i seem as such a loner; believe me i do not try to come off as a loner i just know the people who wish to be around me would not be someone to stop me from walking to the end of the drive-way. I know the people who want  a relationship with me is only because they cannot take advantage of me otherwise.  And being alone is a lot less lonely then going on a date with a person who is just trying to use you - and you know it, I've found myself in that position too many times just to not feel lonely that night. I'm more content alone sitting on a bench and observing every body else around me, wondering if they ended up with the person they wanted, had the life they dreamed of as a kid or if they're unhappy. I wonder if any one is ever stopped by the time they reach the drive-way. There is only so many times i could see if some one would stop me and to be honest, maybe i have given up on believing one day somebody will actually stop me. No one can hurt me that way.

-Trinity Lo'ren

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  1. insightful.. It upsets me to see such sad words from you, I hope things get better. Hopefully this gets to you, its been such a long time since we've spoken. I doubt you'd remember me, but we used to play slasher and mini golf and talk to the wee hours of the night. If it rings any bells you should get back to me, if not, sorry to waste your time. Keep up the writing and take care.