Sunday, October 9, 2011

I honestly do not feel the need to impress or the need to be impressed, if someone cannot like you for you then they surely do not deserve you in their life and they are not worth having in your life. I don't really have my future too planned my goal in life is just to be happy, wherever that may take me, whoever that might be apart of my life or if no one really is.  Who are we to judge somebody else's life?,  i know i have a terrible past, i've been hurt and i've hurt other people, I've cried and made others cry. But i learned how to apply that to my life and change for the better. I realized falling in love, is not with just anyone, you have to fall in love with someone, who loves things that you love, because the things that you love is you. and the things that they love are them. You do not want to be in a relationships for years, and wake up one day in realization to find that this person does not love you, if they did they wouldn't want you to change, they wouldn't dis-trust you and isolate you from the world, loving someone isn't trying to be somebody's world, it's trying to be one of the best things in their world.

Friendship is the same thing; if you find yourself, being something you're not just to possibly have more friends or feel like you have anybody at all, they aren't your friends and you'll find yourself even lonelier than you were in the first place.

 Maybe you're asking "well what if nobody likes the real me?" There is more than a billion people in this world, every single person is perfectly unique in their own way; and finding that one person who would accept you might seem unreachable but it isn't.  I accept you; whoever you are. i do not feel a reason to judge you, for whatever that reason would be to. Don't lose hope over people who don't deserve to be in your life, we get so caught up in the negative reactions of people we look over and forget about the people who think we truly shine.

-Trinity Lo'ren

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