Thursday, October 13, 2011

One thing about loving someone with your heart fully, is a risk most people fear to take, to me love is amazing or at least was amazing. I never really prepared myself for one day possibly waking up to you not being there, I've never really fully convinced myself that you're gone forever yet. Some nights it's just hard to face the truth and most days it's easier to pretend that some time in the future i'll get a phone call from you being the person i fell in love with. I regret building my life around you; i regret letting myself getting so comfortable in you saying that you loved me. I hate how lonely I've let myself become and having this terrible void i try to fill with anything and everything. I took the risk of loving you fully with my heart, and I've realized why it's such a fear to so many people; if the person you love let's you fall, you have no love left in you to rise again.

-Trinity Lo'ren

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